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Create, or upload your own website

A fundamental element to be present on the net is to have an available space and a platform to create the website. Ocusfocus offers all this, even in a single solution. Simply register the domain that best suits your business or hobby and choose the hosting plan to subscribe to, we'll take care of the rest. Whether you care about the creative part of the web, or your webmaster does it, the choice of the platform and the tools available are important. This is why we offer our solutions, rich in content, available and effective in their application

Business hosting

The professional Multidomain hosting service has been designed for all medium-sized companies that make their website the main source of income. Tools, disk space and applications (+400) make a simple hosting, a resource container for your business.

Intel i7 multi-processors

Our servers used for hosting services are equipped with i7 Multiprocessors

Scalable disk space and plan

Our hosting plans are scalable to also allow the necessary free space to be updated at any time


All hosting plans include the Softaculous library with the ability to install WORDPRESS with just one click from the cPanel control panel and are scalable in terms of space.

Softaculous applications

ALL cPanel hosting plans have the possibility of installing over 400 available applications, which can be installed with a click and based on disk space availability

Technical and commercial support

Technical and commercial support is available via ticket system from your customer panel.


We have the habit of thinking that with our hosting plans, in some way, due to our skills, we collaborate so that your project can be successful.

Our commitment and our work alongside your ideas

Our task is to deliver the functioning service necessary for your project, it is also our task to verify it its operation and efficiency, monitoring it 24 hours a day. Your job is to use the resources contained in the hosting service for your ideas.

Unlimited Ticket Support

Technical and commercial support takes place through the Ticket system. Thanks to this system we can provide both technical and commercial support that does not penalize the economic offer. Support is 24 hours a day, one of our technicians will contact you as soon as possible.

VPS Server

Virtual private server, available only in the U.S.A. datacenter with the possibility of choosing the size of space, processor and memory.

24/7 support

24/7 support available via ticket system. Following the request made by the user panel, one of our technicians will contact you, as soon as possible, using the most suitable channel for the purpose.

Intel i7 processors

All our servers are equipped with Intel i7 multi-core processors with a default workload of no more than 75% of the possibilities.

Disk space

Regardless of the general characteristics of the hosting plan, the disk space is for all plans, scalable as needed. It is therefore possible to request an upgrade of your hosting plan at any time.


All servers, owned, are stored in a highly certified, high-level data center with SLA of 99.95%, in Germany (hosting) and in the USA (VPS).

Unlimited databases

With the exception of HOME hosting plans, all hosting plans have an unlimited amount of MySQL and PostGreSQL databases that can be installed. based on the space available in the hosting plan.

Unlimited traffic

All hosting plans and related services have unlimited data traffic with bandwidth availability of 1 Gbit on each network card.

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